The Limitless of Variation from Archetype

I work from a sphere to produce thin layers of bowl shaped elements with different diameters and heights.

If these layers are placed one by one, small and big bowls can form an installation piece.

For me, the meaning of ‘Units as Sphere’is a archetype that can be cut and shaped in various ways.

Copyright ⓒ 2015 Sol Yoon
All right reserved

Seoul, South Korea, 1976

2012 Complete a Doctor's Course, Seoul National University of Korea
2006 M.F.A Seoul National University of Korea
2002 B.F.A Seoul National University of Korea

Assistant Professor, Craft-Design Major, Beakseok University of Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2007 'SKIN', Gallery Dam, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibitions

2014 SOFA Chicago 2014, Chicago, U.S.A
2014 Casting Plus, City Gallery San Diego City College, U.S.A
2014 The 23th Membership Exhibition of KSCA 2014, Gallery Blessium, Korea
2014 Korea·China Ceramic Arts Exhibition 2014, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, China
2014 The 20th Exhibition of Incorporated KCCAA, Ceramic Creativity Center, Korea
2014 Craft, Seep into space, KCDF Gallery, Korea
2014 Australia·Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition, Hanyang University Museum, Korea
2013 KOREA·CHINA Ceramic Exhibition 2013, Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum, Korea
2013 CHAOS TO TECHNE, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Korea
2013 G-SEOUL International Art Fair 13, Grand Hilton Hotel, Korea
2013 NEW START 2013, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Korea
2013 ASIA HOTEL ART FAIR HONG KONG 2013, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
2013 “Turkey·Korea, Heritage&Diversity”, Hanyang University Museum, Korea
2012 ART SARADA : Small is Big, Chairs on the hill, Seoul, Korea
2012 Start Craft-K in Seoul, Gallery ARAART, Seoul, Korea
2012 From Furstenberg to Asia-Koreanische Junge Keramiker, Museum in Castle Furstenberg , Germany
2012 White in White 2nd Episode, Gallery LVS, Seoul, Korea
2012 And So On 2012, Chungju Craft Exhibition Hall, Chungju, Korea
2012 "Transformation of Earth Materials" Invited Exhibition, Ligak Museum of Art, Korea
2012 The 19th Exhibition of Incorporated KCCAA, Ceramic Creativity Center, Korea
2012 “Hong Kong-Korea, Heritage and Diversity”, Hanyang University Museum, Korea
2011 The 18th Exhibition of Incorporated Korean Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association, Seoul Arts Center, Korea
2011 EXEMPLA 2011, Internationalen Handwerkmesse Munchen, Munchen, Germany
2011 "The Encounter", DMC Hi-tech Industry Center, Seoul, Korea
2011 "Newcomer's Special Exhibition 2011", Gallery Jireh, Heyri, Korea
2011 "Clay+Clay", UIJEONGBU Arts Center, Korea
2011 'MoA Invites 2011',Museum of Art Seoul National University, Korea
2011 ''MIX-UP+展', Korea Ceramic Foundation, Korea
2010 ‘5 感 圖-the Exhibition; College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University’, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Korea
2010 'Play with Clay', Gallery YIDO, Seoul, Korea
2009 ‘火 水 木 金 土 from KOREA’, HYATT REGENCY OSAKA, Japan
2009 'The Culture of Seoul National Univ. Station', Gallery "ㅇ", Korea
2009 'Serenade:5th Anniversary Exhibition of Gallery Hanhyanglim',Gallery Hanhyanglim, Heyri, Korea
2008 Vessels: Ceramicists from Korea & UK, Korean Cultural Centre UK, U.K
2008 Gwanghwamoon&Tiananmen International Art Festival, Gallery T&G, Beijing, China
2008 CONTACT ACT7 2008, Heyri, Korea
2008 '情.情.精', Gallery SPACE PAUSE, Tokyo, Japan
2007 'Modern Ceramic Arts', Doja Art & Craft Gallery, Beverly Hills, U.S.A
2006 'Quiet change' , Ssamzie Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006 'Harmony of Culture', The Main Office of GMSS, Seoul, Korea
2006 'Grope' , College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
2004 'A present of clay' 2nd , Tong In Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2003 'International Exchange Exhibition', Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, Japan
2003 'A present of clay' 1st , Tong In Gallery , Seoul, Korea


2009 Merit Award, 6th Cheongju International Craft Biennale
2008 Honorable Mention, 5th World Ceramic Biennale Korea
2007 Special Prize , 4th World Ceramic Biennale Korea
2006 Honorable Mention , Modern Ceramic Arts Award of Korea
2006 Encouraging Prize , 2nd Kyung?Hyang Art Festival
2005 Honorable Mention , 4th Cheongju International Craft Biennale
2005 Gold Prize , SWAROVSKI Small Object Festival


2014 Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, Hong Kong
2012 Modern Pinakothek, Munchen, Germany
2010 Museum of Art Seoul National University
2009 Gallery Hanhyanglim
2009 Cheongju International Craft Biennale Organizing Committee
2009 Art Bank, National Museum of Contemporary Art, KOREA
2007 Icheon World Ceramic Center